The beliefs we hold reflects what we see in the world – Free your mind


Here are some thoughts and perspectives on how beliefs influences your experience of life!

Beliefs are made up in your mind, constructed and regarded by the beliver as truths. But they are not the Truth!

Believing that success is not for you, will make an illusive wall that blindfolds you to even consider ways that would lead to success.Β 

believing you are a body, bound by the rules of DNAΒ and genetic evolution, will bound you to health issues and sickness related to those before you and the science that governs this approach.

believing you are going to die someday, will make your choices and actions in life be of somewhat limited possibilities. Like hurrying through each moment, scared of missing out.

believing that anything is possible, is one way of opening your mind to endless possibilities.

believing that you or somebody else will always be guilty for their actions, will imprison your mind to hold on to grief, depression and perhaps even hate and anger.

believing that forgiveness is possible, will give you and everyone else a possibility for freedom and happiness.

Now have you ever considered the unconscious and conscious beliefs you hold/teach/maintain for yourself and the world? – Give yourself time to investigate, contemplate and maybe reconsider some of your beliefs.

Are you building walls and darkness around your perception, or are you appreciating openness and endless possibilities?

Are you seeing yourself as absolutely worthy of completeness, joy, awesomeness, feeling great, experiencing an amazing life, being able to make the change you want to see, breathing openly, leaving fear to …

For the light that want’s to shine inside?

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Intuitive steps for dummies

Hey just a quick 3 step guide for spicing some awesomeness on your daily life…
1. Say out loud: Life is AWESOME!!! X 10

2. Making any affirmation check if you feel contraction of expansion

2.1 if contraction, call me, youre in deep trouble. Conflicting beliefsystems detected, clean up is neded. 

2.2 if expansion – great please continue next step

3. Is there anything I wanna do, think about, focus on or feel right now, which is even better than the awesomeness feeling?

Perfect that is then your next job. Yes you got it, follow your highest vibration and co-create life πŸ™‚ 
Below some art to show πŸ™‚


New Inspirational Training – Short Circuit FBWO


I am currently working as a projectmanager for a restaurant, coaching a whole team and being a CEO for my own Company. All the while I keep my body and mind fit. 

My focus during training is effecient, short and energizing training. And a new circuit came up yesterday that I’ll share here. Briefly said, I felt great afterwards and ready for the day.

Here are the full routine and the build up is simple. Pick a number with the heaviest exercise you can do, and stick to that throughout the whole exercise, but maximum 8.

Warm up: 

Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman

Chest Circuit x 3

  • Dips BW 1-8reps
  • Push ups 1-8reps
  • Push ups into side-plank 1-8

Leg Circuit:

  • KB-Squats (e.g. 2xkb(24kgs)) same reps as first whole circuit
  • KB- walking lunges
  • Base jumping

Back Circuit:

  • Chin ups
  • Plank pull
  • Upper back machine

Do the circuts with a weight and amount that you barely can do the heavy exercise in the last round. And then write down and practice to increase weight when you can do 8.
Have fun and a great exercise!

Transformational Insights

During a time here on Earth…

I came across to experience contrasts in various degrees. Some seemingly more intense and direct, while others remained subtle and shadowish.

What I want to bring attention to here is the emotional/energetical contrasts throughout the tests, trials, mistakes, foresigts in between the natural states if clarity and serenity, that we all experiences time to time.

During these contrasts, I have had a tendency to fall for the doubt, lies and especially the inability to do anything differently than first perceived. 

The benefit from these contrasts though, is the more I dwell in “dark”, “destructive” energy, the “stars”, light – my spirit – gets clearer and shines brigther. But sometimes a friend is needed to give of the love, compassion and joy to inject just enough energy, a spark, to be reminded of that Spirit I have inside.

That’s the whole purpose and meaning of healing. To give a clear reflection of the One Self we all inherently share. The immortal Spirit.

The ways to continously grow in Spirit is to share one’s joy, love and gratitude with everything this moment! Whatever that expression may look like or manifest ;).

An inner guide can join us along this path of expanding our awareness of Self and ways to recognize true from false. 

Give goodness unless wanting badass motherfucking awesomeness….then give that!

Brian Jacobsen


First step – because the Second step is given!


What ever journey you are attending today, whatever goal you have in mind.

Aim and shoot.

We dont necessarily have to see the whole way, every step of the stairs to reach that end goal in mind. My personal experience is that whenever I take the first step, making the decision, the rest is given to me freely! 

Yes, challenges are to hold the aim in mind until its a second nature, but that is peace of cake πŸ˜‰ as thebenefits everytime you say no, you grow!

Have fun making your decisions today, and to me, making decisions for joy, peace and being free is the AIM!

Spiced with tremendeous humor and contrasts πŸ˜‰

/Unbreakable Health

No need to work, just remember your worth! 


Healthy Living – More than foods & Looks

Healthy Living & What it means in Practice
Hi, the above article is a summary of the background/insights I’ve discovered during my journey of training, addiction, mental abusivenesd and to a complete understanding of true health.

Health on a emotional, mental and physical level. 

Have a good 15minutes reading and please leave your comments below!

To our shared health,joy and wealth


Meditation and swiping floors

The world is a reflection of what we have inside in our minds.

As I clean the floor in the restaurant. I see the similarity of meditation.

First, before wiping the floor. I check for what kinds of trash is on it.  Dirt from walking, spilled food left overs, dust and sometimes items like forgotten rings. Most of it trash, but careful looking can spot if there is some valuable items aswell.

In meditation this is the observing part, where I will be faced with and aware of old emotions, thoughts, judgements, unconscious actions and the like. Similiar to the floor approach, I pick up those items still of value, in this perspective what still brings happiness and joy. Disregard the rest and make ready for the wiping.

Second, I choose my tools. For cleaning with a lot of trash, I broom first and throw out big chuncks in the garbage. Next I vacuum clean. And I finish off with a wiping using water and a cleaning agent. I usually let it air dry, depending on the cleaning agent. If lines comes, I do an extra wipe just with water.

In meditation the second part is the conscious cleaning of unconscious emotion,thoughts and the like. If its really dirty, and a lot of tension is present. Breathing exercise can loosen up stuff and bring a focused attention. The wiping can be similiar to making the sound “OM”. Where you consciously bring a frequency / vibration through the whole body. Next there is a moment of quiet relaxation where forgiveness to all judgements, emtional neglect and unconscious reactions can be utilized. When done if still some tensions resides, have a glas of water and a cold shower!

When I have cleaned the floor. I sit and visualize how awesome and fun we all can have at this place. What kind of energy I like to share and bring to everyone coming in. This might be in the form of pictures and emotions, or just a simple notion of expansive energy emitting from here and now. Lightening up the whole place.

After the practice of forgiveness, the mind is open to receive awesome happiness and peace. I now visualize just like with the floor, what creations and miracles can be shared during this day. I visualize, feel, embrace, affirm and rejoice in the gifts of the very being / life I Am. But I then let the pictures go and remain open, content, joyful and clear for a new day!

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My daughter and I playing πŸ™‚ “on the floor”  

Learning to switch perspectives at will

So life is an unstoppable occurence, it simply is and always will. But the way I experience life can change in an instant, as I have startet to practice, train you might say. 

The tools are a combination of inquiry, forgiveness and intention. The foundation I have set, or found is awareness. I start from here, and first noticing what is currently in my immidiate experience.

After some reflection I understand the world is of me and for me. So therefore I Am the responsible for my current experience. I can through forgiveness start with a blank slate and paint with any new color on my canvas. Regardless of circumstance!

Yes, i am a happy learning doing so, and the challenges are my past unconscious habits of misunderstanding creation and the world. My indicators are fear, anger, restlessness or depression. These are always a reminder to start the forgiveness process, empty my mind and restart an intention from a clear, calm and assertive state of mind.

I often choose joy, happiness and excitement as my colors to paint with, this has so far resulted in curiousity to nature, hiking, physical/mental training, project managing and intuitive guidiance. My energetic state is important as that is theruling factor of my experience.

As writing this, my timeline shows a potential hiking tour for 3 days with teams in Denmark. Im managing a startup restaurant and the interesting parts for me in these regards is the energy I can bring to each place,person and be of service in this manner.

All my current work is with regard to be a great example for my daugther. She lives now with her, mom and I get to visit her every second weekend. In Iceland. I aim to earn an income that can support an organic, self-sustainable house on the island. While being in alignment with my joyful, free-spirited nature.

This Journeys first step started stepping on a boat to Iceland. With just a backpack, food and friend support. Trusting my abilities and build up from scratch in a new land. So far im still in great health, but moneywise this moment, broke. But all my services are now gaining attention and being asked for. So I have faith this will workout my way. 
New arena is to share these insight for our common wealth