Here are some thoughts and perspectives on how beliefs influences your experience of life!

Beliefs are made up in your mind, constructed and regarded by the beliver as truths. But they are not the Truth!

Believing that success is not for you, will make an illusive wall that blindfolds you to even consider ways that would lead to success. 

believing you are a body, bound by the rules of DNA and genetic evolution, will bound you to health issues and sickness related to those before you and the science that governs this approach.

believing you are going to die someday, will make your choices and actions in life be of somewhat limited possibilities. Like hurrying through each moment, scared of missing out.

believing that anything is possible, is one way of opening your mind to endless possibilities.

believing that you or somebody else will always be guilty for their actions, will imprison your mind to hold on to grief, depression and perhaps even hate and anger.

believing that forgiveness is possible, will give you and everyone else a possibility for freedom and happiness.

Now have you ever considered the unconscious and conscious beliefs you hold/teach/maintain for yourself and the world? – Give yourself time to investigate, contemplate and maybe reconsider some of your beliefs.

Are you building walls and darkness around your perception, or are you appreciating openness and endless possibilities?

Are you seeing yourself as absolutely worthy of completeness, joy, awesomeness, feeling great, experiencing an amazing life, being able to make the change you want to see, breathing openly, leaving fear to …

For the light that want’s to shine inside?

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