New Inspirational Training – Short Circuit FBWO


I am currently working as a projectmanager for a restaurant, coaching a whole team and being a CEO for my own Company. All the while I keep my body and mind fit. 

My focus during training is effecient, short and energizing training. And a new circuit came up yesterday that I’ll share here. Briefly said, I felt great afterwards and ready for the day.

Here are the full routine and the build up is simple. Pick a number with the heaviest exercise you can do, and stick to that throughout the whole exercise, but maximum 8.

Warm up: 

Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman

Chest Circuit x 3

  • Dips BW 1-8reps
  • Push ups 1-8reps
  • Push ups into side-plank 1-8

Leg Circuit:

  • KB-Squats (e.g. 2xkb(24kgs)) same reps as first whole circuit
  • KB- walking lunges
  • Base jumping

Back Circuit:

  • Chin ups
  • Plank pull
  • Upper back machine

Do the circuts with a weight and amount that you barely can do the heavy exercise in the last round. And then write down and practice to increase weight when you can do 8.
Have fun and a great exercise!


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