Transformational Insights

During a time here on Earth…

I came across to experience contrasts in various degrees. Some seemingly more intense and direct, while others remained subtle and shadowish.

What I want to bring attention to here is the emotional/energetical contrasts throughout the tests, trials, mistakes, foresigts in between the natural states if clarity and serenity, that we all experiences time to time.

During these contrasts, I have had a tendency to fall for the doubt, lies and especially the inability to do anything differently than first perceived. 

The benefit from these contrasts though, is the more I dwell in “dark”, “destructive” energy, the “stars”, light – my spirit – gets clearer and shines brigther. But sometimes a friend is needed to give of the love, compassion and joy to inject just enough energy, a spark, to be reminded of that Spirit I have inside.

That’s the whole purpose and meaning of healing. To give a clear reflection of the One Self we all inherently share. The immortal Spirit.

The ways to continously grow in Spirit is to share one’s joy, love and gratitude with everything this moment! Whatever that expression may look like or manifest ;).

An inner guide can join us along this path of expanding our awareness of Self and ways to recognize true from false. 

Give goodness unless wanting badass motherfucking awesomeness….then give that!

Brian Jacobsen



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