Group coaching

This service specifically helps with understanding the various aspects of the mind and your rightful relationship with it. Some calls it, “A Way Home”.

There are many ways at accomplishing this understanding, and here at Unbreakable Health we focus on: Freedom, Gratitude and Inner Peace. Now these three pillars are the foundation, where all the guidance we give, expands from.

The First step in effective guidance is to establish a trust-worthy relationship with each other. So it is important that you share openly of our demands, concerns, feelings and what comes at heart!

Second step is where we can explore into the current perspectives, experiences of the mind and hereby identify the current position to it. It’s either the mind works for or against its owner. It is always at work and never holds a vacation. Unconsciously or consciously.

The tools applied for correcting our position to the mind are: Chainsaws, fire, knives, pistols…I mean of course:

  • Humor
  • Self-reflection
  • Forgiveness
  • Visualization
  • Mind-training
  • Emotional Sparring
  • Bodily exercises
  • …and many others

Again the usage of the tools is always with focus and in regard for the power, freedom and love that is our true inheritance. The guidance will then mercilessly chop away psychological misunderstandings and focus only on the essentials. All guidance will be done in ways agreed with one another and if necessary explained beforehand.

As I always say to myself: “Please be gentle!”


  • Conversations
  • Walking in nature
  • Confronting fears
  • Social events
  • Animals
  • Flying
  • Group meetings
  • Training
  • Hiking
  • Whatever we find as beneficial to come to this understanding and conclusion:

Freedom, Gratitude and Inner Peace is always accessible, attainable and present. Regardless of circumstances.

The first meeting will focus on whatever moves with the group here and now. It is much like any other trip, we start from here and now, and then a guide will walk with you towards the destination. The destination is this  event is the above stated conclusion.

Contact me asap, and lets have the first talk. It is free and without any strings attached. Why is it free? Well, Who doesn’t like a good laugh ;), surely I do!


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