Personal training (about)


Welcome to the “Personal training” section. This service is specifically focused on bringing you closer to your goals, to succeed and to help you keep on track.

You’ll receive passionate support, a friend that not only focuses on your strengths, but one who is ready to cut the crap away too. With your permission of course!

Here is how it is done:


You contact me through the contact form, giving a Skype nick, email address or phone number. Say when you’re ready to have a 30min talk, where we go through the things you want help with and simply to get familiar with each other.

2. Agreements

We setup agreements. For example one meeting one time a week. Setting goals together, motivating and I will share tools that you need to accomplish these goals. Those tools could be physical exercises, diet, mental training or other resources.

3.Follow up, milestones and review

After a month or 1½, we have the first milestone of completing sub-goals and check up, how the methods we have applied work out. A talk about the past weeks, how you have been and how it has been going all-round and what is ahead. An important aspect of all talks we have, is a focus on enjoying, have fun and get a cool perspective on everything.

4.Foundation for continuing your self-growth

Here after our focus will be to implement the teachings so far, as a foundation for yourself. To build upon and to grow from. This last part will last from 2 – 3 months, with a once in a while sparring together, where we go through your understanding. Actually many times a great friendship and joining of interests happens, which just makes it fun to share new stuff.

This is what I can teach and help you with:

  • A harmonious relationship with your body and its senses.
  • Motivation and ongoing encouragement to overcome barriers.
  • A sparring partner that can challenge you when needed, but also give acknowledgement and appreciation.

Services includes:

Communication by:

  • Skype (with webcam)
  • Face to face meetings (for those who can come to Jutland, Denmark)
  • Online chat (Facebook, groups, etc)
  • Mind mapping conference (talk active and live, great for representing exercises)
  • Telephone (emergency, you have my number)

1st month

The first meeting we create the goal-setting and for us getting familiar with each other.

Weekly meetings for:

  • feedback
  • follow-up
  • preparation for next step
  • adjustments
  • barriers and successes
  • training plan
  • videos of exercises
  • material describes the theory and explanations for each exercise
  • Optional: Diet suggestions and planning

2nd month

3 meetings of 1 – 1½ hour for:

  • encouragement
  • identify unconscious habits which are un-beneficial
  • suggestions for variations to the training, keep it interesting
  • a walk-through of how it all feels and is experienced
  • any areas in need of elaboration

3rd month

2 meetings of 1 hour for:

  • preparing you with tools to continue your goals
  • opening up for your own ideas if any to be explored and discussed
  • reflect on the past months and practice appreciation of this new direction
  • relaxation and introduction to mindfulness

The above is a total of 11 hours of 1 on 1 time. As I appreciate my time, so do you appreciate yours. The cost of this whole package will be the same, as what you earn for 11 hours of the work you do. So fill out the contact form below and lets get started.

Sincerely yours and looking forward to hear from you!

Brian Jacobsen


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