Coaching (About)

Here at Unbreakable Health coaching we find our common strengths together. Identifying that which holds back the flow of an entire ocean of love and joy. We use what ever tools necessary to accomplish the fortune and recognition of love.

That could be inspiring music for your daily life or new ways of looking at your thoughts and experiences in life. We offer a foundation for complete trust and an extraordinary open-mindedness for life.

We embrace you and for God’s sake, there is no right or wrong here. Just an open space to learn and share!

Yes learning is in focus during our coach sessions. Yes forgiveness and humor will be utilized, to help return to that greatness, we see that you are!

For a long time I, Brian, have always had this idea of “more”. I want more! Now I realize that the more I want something the “more” it actually gets pushed away. So I flipped the coin, looked at it on both sides – at the same time! I discovered that, which makes a great life is the ability to appreciate, give gratitude and see that it is my attitude, that makes life either an awful or magnificiant ride. Effortlessly my wants and desires comes to me.

The coaching methods I use, is derived through my experiences with addiction and the attraction for something, to fill out that space and neglect of my true self. My experience of being raised to “fit” into a society of norms, rules and ways which benefitted an utopian idea of how it “should” be. Rather than appreciate the joy from within to inspire and share!

In my 20 years following this “angry / stressful” leader telling everyone else what to do, I stopped up. Looked around and asked myself – why? Actually I asked that question to everything I could come by. I received a thousands answers and then a thousand more of why everything is like this. The only answer that really moved me and changed my perspective was: “You must look inside to understand and see meaning in anything.”

Yes and this meaning expands for everyday, every moment and every second I am given. I have for so long wanted to give my love, but merely instead looking for it in someone else, thinking that would put me to rest. The me here is “the desire for fullfillment”. Yes we can identify with desire, anger, fear or anything. The only true idenity is to be discovered within. Appreciated, acknowledge and fully embraced.

So for the one reading this text, by any means start doing what you want. Love yourself, embrace this day. Start trusting that way which no-one told you, though still it warms your heart. Right now is your chance.

Are you feeling frightened? Are you scared to commit yourself to your own truth? Well, please let me help you for a breef moment to move through. Cause your joy is my joy too!

Write, call and lets have a talk!


/ Brian Jacobsen

@Unbreakable Health


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