The world is a reflection of what we have inside in our minds.

As I clean the floor in the restaurant. I see the similarity of meditation.

First, before wiping the floor. I check for what kinds of trash is on it.  Dirt from walking, spilled food left overs, dust and sometimes items like forgotten rings. Most of it trash, but careful looking can spot if there is some valuable items aswell.

In meditation this is the observing part, where I will be faced with and aware of old emotions, thoughts, judgements, unconscious actions and the like. Similiar to the floor approach, I pick up those items still of value, in this perspective what still brings happiness and joy. Disregard the rest and make ready for the wiping.

Second, I choose my tools. For cleaning with a lot of trash, I broom first and throw out big chuncks in the garbage. Next I vacuum clean. And I finish off with a wiping using water and a cleaning agent. I usually let it air dry, depending on the cleaning agent. If lines comes, I do an extra wipe just with water.

In meditation the second part is the conscious cleaning of unconscious emotion,thoughts and the like. If its really dirty, and a lot of tension is present. Breathing exercise can loosen up stuff and bring a focused attention. The wiping can be similiar to making the sound “OM”. Where you consciously bring a frequency / vibration through the whole body. Next there is a moment of quiet relaxation where forgiveness to all judgements, emtional neglect and unconscious reactions can be utilized. When done if still some tensions resides, have a glas of water and a cold shower!

When I have cleaned the floor. I sit and visualize how awesome and fun we all can have at this place. What kind of energy I like to share and bring to everyone coming in. This might be in the form of pictures and emotions, or just a simple notion of expansive energy emitting from here and now. Lightening up the whole place.

After the practice of forgiveness, the mind is open to receive awesome happiness and peace. I now visualize just like with the floor, what creations and miracles can be shared during this day. I visualize, feel, embrace, affirm and rejoice in the gifts of the very being / life I Am. But I then let the pictures go and remain open, content, joyful and clear for a new day!

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My daughter and I playing 🙂 “on the floor”  


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