So life is an unstoppable occurence, it simply is and always will. But the way I experience life can change in an instant, as I have startet to practice, train you might say. 

The tools are a combination of inquiry, forgiveness and intention. The foundation I have set, or found is awareness. I start from here, and first noticing what is currently in my immidiate experience.

After some reflection I understand the world is of me and for me. So therefore I Am the responsible for my current experience. I can through forgiveness start with a blank slate and paint with any new color on my canvas. Regardless of circumstance!

Yes, i am a happy learning doing so, and the challenges are my past unconscious habits of misunderstanding creation and the world. My indicators are fear, anger, restlessness or depression. These are always a reminder to start the forgiveness process, empty my mind and restart an intention from a clear, calm and assertive state of mind.

I often choose joy, happiness and excitement as my colors to paint with, this has so far resulted in curiousity to nature, hiking, physical/mental training, project managing and intuitive guidiance. My energetic state is important as that is theruling factor of my experience.

As writing this, my timeline shows a potential hiking tour for 3 days with teams in Denmark. Im managing a startup restaurant and the interesting parts for me in these regards is the energy I can bring to each place,person and be of service in this manner.

All my current work is with regard to be a great example for my daugther. She lives now with her, mom and I get to visit her every second weekend. In Iceland. I aim to earn an income that can support an organic, self-sustainable house on the island. While being in alignment with my joyful, free-spirited nature.

This Journeys first step started stepping on a boat to Iceland. With just a backpack, food and friend support. Trusting my abilities and build up from scratch in a new land. So far im still in great health, but moneywise this moment, broke. But all my services are now gaining attention and being asked for. So I have faith this will workout my way. 
New arena is to share these insight for our common wealth 


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