My beloved reader.

As a curious devotee for health and the practicality in modern times, I have discovered a fun, easy and very efficient way to kick-start a healthy approach to life:

FAITH – Finding Awesomeness In Transformational Happenings

A healthy living which entails, feeling great, at ease, joyful, content, meaningful relationships, clarity, happiness, rest and peace.

Below is an overlook to this method and idea, but for a specific actionplan, with food, exercise, mind and spirit exercises, goto and sign up:



1st day:

  1. Start morning with setting intention for healthy living.
  2. “How does a healthy life look to me?”
  3. Visualize, feel and ask for the next step:
    1. Write down anything that comes to mind for just 1-5 minutes
  4. Focus attention to presence, opening in energy and any where you feel good.
  5. Have 3 deep breaths and relax 1-3 seconds
  6. Say “OM” –  3 times and relax 1-3 seconds
  7. Now set time off for doing step “4. –  7.” – 10 repetitions today. That sequence should take no more than 2 minutes tops.

I do it in 1 min 17 s

2nd day:

  1. Start the day same as day one, but add an affirmation that: “This is my new choice” and  “I am curious to see how my health will come to my conscious experience” 🙂 give trust and do step 4-7.
  2. Be prepared for challenges today. Tests that will make sure your choice, roots deeply into your awareness and subconscious mind.
  3. Again set time off for step “4. –  7.” – 10 times this day. Even the timings out over the whole day. Also now you have some practice you can learn from yesterday.
  4. Affirm as often as possible: “I choose to be a happy learner!”

3rd day:

  1. Repeat day 2.
  2. Give thanks for allowing yourself to feel absolutely awesome. Be open & faithful that miracles is gonna join you on this journey.
  3. Give acceptance to not knowing what all this really does for you. Let go of emotional expectations and see what is already here.

4th day:

  1. Today is a practice for just doing what you want. Anything is allowed. No practice, No diet, No exercise, No affirmations, No relaxation. Just do what you want.

Now this 4- day process can be repeated for 40 days and will certainly change your life. Followed by an increase of well-being, health and joy!!

Patience is not needed, changes will come instantaneously.

Do the challenge by sharing this post, write in the comment below and share your experiences, tests and insights along the way.

Now to your

Unbreakable Health

ps. If you get ideas for anything else than these practices, you are welcome to add and do what intuitively comes to you. Just as a minimum, do these practices at your best ability!


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