my beloved reader,

this exercise is beneficial for bringing in a broader perspective, and while doing so, you’ll feel a greater sense of peace and relaxation.

The question at the end is only to be followed if you are curious about it. There is no problem in let it be.

Each step is taken slowly and steadily, use your imagination or google maps for the first steps. 😀

Visualization and Contemplation Exercise:

Take each step and pause for 5-10 seconds. Look, feel, breathe and be it! Then move on to the next step. Enjoy

1. Visualize yourself where you are right now.

2. Zoom up and see yourself from above,

3. Zoom further out to see the town you are in,

4. Zoom out again to see the country,

5. Zoom even further out to see the earth,

6. Now see the moon and the earth.

7. Zoom even further out to see our solar system.

8. Pause and see, feel and be it (reflect)

Calmness and beauty is present

The movement of the solar system is so slow,

9. Now zoom all the way out to the nearest star of the sun.

Space and light is all around.

10. Let’s go further and zoom all the way out to have a view of the galaxy, Milky Way.

What a spectacular view, so still, though still moving. Feel within the space and light, the community of stars turning together.

11. Let zoom as far out as we can, the whole universe, all galaxies, stars, planets, moons, particles and space. A visual representation of a unified song.

12. Pause and reflect.

Everything you see is within and co-created with you!

13.Now who sees all this,can sense it and even be it? – Within what is all these movements taking place?

– Go discover for yourself – The discovery is an experience, not a mental “yes” or “me”. 

Look, see, feel and be. Rest in



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