The secret to your intuitive genius

To start clearly wit engaging your intuitive genius, one must feel clear, relaxed and absolutely trusting their full potential. Feeling joyful, peaceful or lets say excited. Are energy states of highpower and in alignment with our inherent abilities as co-creators of life. 

 Next is to have the understanding of, how to ask specific and constructive questions. Lets hit some examples of how, not to do it. Which of course wouldnt occur if one follows through with the first step.

Questions such as: Why me? Why is this happening to me?  How can I control my partner? Who am I? 

Is it good or bad to eat this? Am I a good or bad person? What will my life bring? Why did this happen as it did?  Why can everyone else have their dreams come true, but not me?

These questions above are not constructive, theyre unspecific and comes from a place of lack, hopelessness, victimhood or similiar states. That last question is even a form of arrogance, that you specially cannot do, what everyone else shows. God, the creator, made an exception just with you…!

To access the intuitive genius, you must be in a creative state of mind. An energy level beyond that of anger and pride. Much higher than in the energy fields of fear and depression. Acceptance and affirmations are often better ways to raise your energy. And that would make another article.

But when you access this new energy field. One of joy, life, passion, excitement, happiness, peace, freedom. Yes that smile on ya face reading this! Now, you can access your inner genius.

Questions can be to explore yourself in depth or what you will to create. 

It could be, How can I create an amazing life? 

here is my answer, what is an amazing life? One that brings joy, awesomeness, excitement, content, playfulness, trust, peace. Where I can trust my ability to create and share that with everyone else. 

So the first step, came a new question, to actually describe as best I can, what means amazing. Next question that comes up

How would this look like to you, what do you associate with these feelings?

To create a house, a place where I can invite my friend and family over for dinner, night time talks, parties, to accomdate my ideas I have for interaction. Also I see hiking alongside the earths beautiful nature, a dive into the wild nature, trusting our given abilities to navigate intuitively. I see also myself, teaching what I learn along the way, to share that free spirit to anyone who are maybe fallen short or misunderstood their inmost desire for freedom and awe! I see myself doing that through daily action, through speaking, through meetings focused on the specific subjects and some of the blockages…

So here the answer gets really long and detailed. Mainly to keep you being in that energy as long as possible. The next that comes to mind, will naturally correspond to, how can I this moment create this amazing life? 

Pay attention to how I feel, feeling great and awesome means continue what You are doing. Feeling less than this means, stop up, relax and choose again what would feel awesome to you. The images and what was imagined might not be exactly what you should get, but it was an aid to grow that excitement, that awesomeness that you want more in wauw it worked perfectly!

Believing that I can create what feels great, and this moment matters, my thoughts, actions has meaning. Now that for me is really awesome. And first of all, Ill choose to be a happy, awesome learner for this new way of living life! As to me, it is a complete contrast to what I have been taught in school. By society, not to say parents!  

The universe is infinite, wonderful and fucking amazing. Now thats my attitude to the way I wanna feel about life! Trusting this feeling and the seeing it associates, as my compas to navigate-

Anything that starts showing up and that feels great, awesome that is part for my creation to take place. Now first task is simply to consistently do and feel great. 

Energy is first priority, that attracts more of the same energy, which then accelerates the process. It does not matter what the current situation is, what your past has been. But it does matter what you think, feel and how you act on your circumstances. Act with the intention to bring more awesomeness, excitement, joy, peace and bliss. Just because. Its absolutely possible!

Please share your comments below, and your own experience of this method. 

Sign up if interested in more articles, news of events and gatherings for this purpose. 

To an awesome life 


Unbreakable Health!


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