Miallo my friend,

Everyday a choice is offered between love and hate. Some choices are conscious others seems to just happen. A truth in them all is, the choice will affect your experience, either expanding or contracting.

Love is clear and hate is rooted in fear. For a fresh start everyday, one needs an open-mind to remain at that present state.

Forgiveness helps to attain that openness, learn more to apply that function and training your mind. www.facebook.com/unbreakablehealth or see the service on the left side.

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While with hate and fear everything is murky and unclear. It binds to either the past or the idea, that liberation comes only with death, later or needs something else than what is already here.

I say – start the day with a fresh slate. Bringing in a beautiful song, with space and openness to let everything appear. Fear is just a feeling, to again let love in and embrace what is here! 😀


Now you are free –

enjoy that happiness and peace!



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