Right now, you are having an experience. Bodily, sensational, expansive, thoughtful, mindful or simply just being.

Your experience is governed by your choice and acceptance of what you are.

Let`s start out slowly by the mere experience of the body. Here you can feel warm, cold, contractions or expansions, lightness or heaviness. Sweet, sour, strong, pain, pleasure. The body is a place for expression and communication and this happens spontaneously.

Emotions are experienced within the mind, and of such they are merely governed by where you rest your awareness and what you believe you are.

Emotion can be: Anxiety, Blame, Hate, or Forgiveness, Optimism, Serenity, Bliss, Understanding and Ineffable!

Emotions and Bodily sensations are all dynamic in expression never consistent.

All the sensations are a product of the level of consciousness. So exploring into your mind, and switch the goggles of experiences, past, present or future can help you to accurately and consciously choose your preferred experience at any given time or place.

One tool I taught myself to re-gain this ability, as for a while it seemed lost, is forgiveness. Practicing forgiveness gains access to the serenity of life itself.


To forgive you must switch from a bodily identification to a spiritual seeing. Perhaps identification with energy is the right way to speak of this, but remember sweet child has many names! ūüėČ

Step 1. I have mistaken myself for something I am not. 

Step 2. I will now open my mind to see from a higher perspective 

Step 3. I am energy, I am Love and allowing this seeing into my experience is an acceptance of worthiness.

Step 4. From the point and perspective as energy, what I give is what I have. This is my new awareness and therefore practice. To remain in a heightened state of consciousness, I choose to be a Happy Learner.

Step 5. Now is the right time to take action! Be happy about being happy!!

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