My Vision – A Friendship the Natural Way

My visionFriendship – the natural way

Humanity is a species with the capacity to move beyond the mere physical needs for survival. We interact in ways that supports and grows energy flow, also known as emotions. We started at first to engage in survival mode a fear or flight state of mind., we identified with the body as means for existence and hence that belief, defensive regarding this. 

This has resulted over a time span for barely 200.000 years from hunters/gatheres to heavy industry, comfortable households and an incredible advancement in technological aspects. We have as a species, developed through perspectives such as, needs, desire and monetary-profit, into a social competitive race. As the illusion of safety trough profit and labour was introduced in the early 1930’s. Combined with the industrial revolution, extending our reach with machines to accomplish an even higher yield than ever imagined, we neglected our common grounds as merely human beings. Our value system has switched from exploration of the world, both inwards and outwards, to a merely materialistical curiousity, momentarily pleasures and a fear for the unknown. World war 1 & 2 are clear examples based on these grounds.

The energies that is currently the motivating factor for the majority of human beings on this planet are fear and pride. The governing dynamics through these energies, is a surpression from the inherent ability to create, share and receive.

Fear and Pride are perspectives in life, where one looks into the world for what is possible and what is not. So an image is created as the means to attain higher energies, such as joy, love and peace. From these, one starts out a journey to build, create these images to feel better. To actually overcome that fear which is the grounds for ones actions in the first place. This will only lead to momentarily pleasure and desireable feelings but never a fully experience of such, joy and peace. 

 To see a clear connection between the emotional level, the experience and a scientific calibration of that energy. I have selected a diagram by David Hawkins which clearly illustrates the connection between a certain viewpoint or said in diagram, level of consciousness affects ones experience of life. As all forced emotions origins from the misunderstanding of one Self, it will not support the the full potential for that individual. Nor will it benefit our collective growth for a higher connected, matured species. As humanity has grown through these levels of consciousness. Each energy level is a step upwards. We have had so called prophets that pointed to the highest levels, love, peace and enlightenment. 

My vision is to facilitate a living based on these higher levels of consciuosness. Where as I see friendship is merely the exchange of joy and passion between one another, especially with the focus on extending and growing together. A key function I had to learn “on” this friendship, is the ability to forgive and overlook mistakes not fitting with the higher purpose of the friendship. I mistakenly before acted with anger when such incidients occured, which simply is a flawed perception. Often based on identification with the body, an image or any other judgement held for the world as being right or wrong. Now I changed my function from judging, to forgiveness instead. As a human being, one can consciuosly and systematically walk-through any experienced perspectives of life. And as one chooses freedom, gratitude and Peace as the foundation for growth, everything held in mind, which does not support this way, must be clearly looked at and let go of accordingly. 

This has brought me to my vision for exploring a deeper level of friendship, and facilitating this self-correcting approach. 

As a result, I see potential for humanity to begin their trust in joy, peace and happiness, as a measurement, a vehicle to communicate, expand and share our time together. I see each interaction happening between individuals or within a community as an addition or extension of such joy. While mistakes are approached with forgiveness, the individual and community holds the focus on the innocence that lies within each and everone of us. Therefore a frienship has no specific aim for profit as in a monetary sense. But instead it has an aim for clear communication, openness and bringing services that benefits individually aswell as collectively. Any service will be facilitated through a shared joy and passion, while support comes in recognition of that energy. When there is trust, a species can evolve in a spontaneously and effortless way. Organic one might say.

I am here to bring a path for this vision, so my mission is to bring the tools for a higher level of consciousness within each and everyone, ready to make such choice for themselves. The timing for this transformation is perfect now, this 21st century. We have more food, more things than ever needed. Only the ability to share and make use of these has to change. That ability can sprout through the perspectives of joy and passion. As one understands that supporting the joy and passion in our fellow men, secures and expands our own joy and passion aswell. Not to say Peace & Love. It is a win win game. 

Freely I see everything shared on grounds I also refer to as Freedom, Gratitude and Inner Genius. The technology we have reached now, can be utilized aswell for the same purpose. Online networking, sustainable energy and housing facilities. The transformation is already occuring all over planet Earth, but can be accelerated by our already established schoolsystems. 

Thanks for reading and please share your comments, thoughts and maybe even your own insights to give fuel for this idea!

Just a man with Spirit

And a friend

Brian M. Jacobsen


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