Detox for the Mind

“start making conscious choices and deliberate actions today.”

Way too often I have found my self in energies of pride, anger and fear. Not to mention the even lower energy- levels of grief and guilt. They have usually been expressed either in defensiveness, attack or denial. As my spirit is strong and longs for the expression of utterly freedom, self-observation was introduced to me.

During self-observation, I noticed that, thoughts related to these energies are filled with victimization, reactive to the environment and where in such self-abusive. The mind projected the cause for how I felt as something outside of myself. Blaming maybe bodily sensations, or psychologically how I have judged my look, or maybe even what someone else have said to me.
This story making happend to justify that victimization I believed in, unconsciously. Especially the ideas, that something needs to happen or be done before I again could feel good, joy or peaceful.
Believing these stories, thoughts can lead to addiction, both in foods, drugs and even feelings can be a craving. Un-consciously I attracted circumstances which brought these feelings or justified these thoughts for victimhood. Over and over again. 

Breaking the Cycle

I felt a need to bring awareness to the root-cause of my experience. This was accomplished by questioning everything. 
Am I aware of my current energetic state? Am I griefing, judging, angry, denying or accepting, courageous and blissful? Am I aware of my thoughts and feelings, more importantly am I aware of the cause of these? 
This inquiry has lead me to a discovery beyond doubt and into an experience of freedom, gratitude and my inner genius!
Here at unbreakablehealth, I teach how to identify the cause and reasons for your feelings/thoughts. And below you’ll find a mind detoxification program, that raises your conscious ability to make choices in accordance with joy and peace.
Its basically an ongoing process over a period of 42 days. I will train your ability to discern illusions and thereby make space for the true beauty of life unfolding before you!
As any training program, a little effort is needed to start. The practices are time scheduled at first to train the new habits, but after the program is done, a more spontaneous and natural way will slowly be discovered!

A method and program

The mind detoxification starts with an easy daily exercise for short intervals. Do them with ease and stop if feeling tension and hard resistance. The exercises timeintervals are important as guidelines to effortlessly include the new perspectives as a daily subconscious habit. 
The method is inspired by: Evolve your Brain, a scientific method to change your mind and combined with some mindtraining elements presented in A Course In Miracles.
The program is a 7 week daily habit changer. With on the clock timings for each conscious mental process. Initiated deliberately by your choice. Now is time to let time work for you, and make time for what you value! Both emotionally, pshologically and physically aswell.
Download the pdf file right here and “update” your own understanding of yourself. 
Its like switching from the old stationary computer hardware to quantum procesors! And the method can afterwards be applied to anything you’d like to get better at. 


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