Exercising with Yoda


During my Morning Viking Health workout, I noticed a switch in my focus during exercises.

At first my focus was on how I was feeling. A quick scan through the body, and noticing some soreness in my knee and also one of the pinky toes.

I then associated this soreness to the running trip last day for about 10km. And suddenly the whole justification for slacking, quitting, skip some of the training came up. Okay, this usually goes like the standard habit for most people. But as a Mind-trainer I am currently aware of all this meta-gaming the mind can play on us, for keeping comfortable or justifying beliefs for – unworthiness, fear of accomplishment, fear of new experiences and feelings.

Fortunately I just watched Yoda from Starwars the night before. And his teachings was clearly brought up as a new perspective. How can I run and exercise with the flow of energy through me, and opt-in to the energy around me. Learn instead to move gently and softly. Though still powerful and balanced!?

affirmations: I am not a body – I am spirit!

Yoda: Luminous beings are we – not this crude matter

So next time you go train, or simply right now. Focus on the life-force. Feel this moment in all its aspects. And maybe…just maybe play with the idea:

How can I work with this universal force?

Keep calm and carry on,

keep calm and carry on

/to yours

Unbreakable Health


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