okay, what can actually stop in life?

Only the string of thought and action which is experienced in a linear flow. Then what continues without thought, without action, without any specific influence by you?

Life! Life is so grand, it moves, flows and you can’t stop it! Maybe this makes you feel small, little, insignificant, but here is the deal:

Every little spark, smile, or thought which are in alignment with life, will bring to its expansion. To your expansion, cause lets face it, YOU ARE LIFE! You are the writer, the poet, the one who shares, by simply being what you are!

link to image: Chris Mooney Singh

Now how does that feeling inside?

Every little moment of sadness, madness, anger are all just a misty web, the mind has woven into a believable story. Look deeper when these feelings arise, there is something beautiful, a miracle underneaths its seemingly lack of possibility. When you stop judging, when you let go of the grounds for grievances and open up for the possibility for salvation.

Go check for yourself, be open to explore these emotions. Missing a good friend? Feeling lonely? Check out that your heart is simply asking you to go and be just that, what you think you don’t have! Be that friend, love your own company! Its all happening here and now, just enjoy and explore the ride. See you have all the potential here and now, no lack, nothing is missing, everything is at your very hands right now. Trust that potential, trust this seeing of completeness and act from this awesome place of understanding.

With this kind of attitude, the universe simply has to turn into magnitude. The universe being consciousness, expressed by and through you. There really is no choice in this matter, the universe will reflect your beliefs, your vibration, your energy and mostly that latter one. Energy states are essential what attracts magnitudes, effortlessly, this very moment.

Amazing life, awesome beauty, joyful, happiness, this is in every thing, all around you, through you, in you, keeping you safe, loving you beyond words, always giving for what you ask,

sometimes…with the humor of testing the patience and restless back, you believe so badly to have!

Thank you!

/Unbreakable Health

by Brian Jacobsen


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