The startup for growth, progress and muscle gains – 6 month challenge

Hello everyone,

In respect for my own appreciation, commitment and borderline narcissistic attitude. I will bring you my thoughts and journey with a training program I put together, build upon my last 15 years of experience and experimentation.

For about 2 years now, I changed everything in my daily life. From what I eat, think, appreciate, my surroundings and the greatest of all:”My attitude with life”. With these steps the world is again open for possibilities, chances and wonders.

Somehow I’d love to share this with you, so – Where do I start? At the beginning. This sentence, this push of a button, this breath and this thought!

As for training, I am ready to step up the next level. With me that is to build muscles, gain weight and stay focused to a long-term goal.

My simple goals for the training is:

  • A weight gain of 10kg in 6 months
  • 10 repetition of 150kg in squat
  • 10 repetition of 150kg in dead-lift
  • 10 repetition of 100kg in bench-press
  • A fat percentage between 8 – 10

Now here are the conditions and requirements for reaching these goals. First of all, it has to be natural. Meaning a vegetarian diet with sushi once in a while, no doping listed items. Next is, the muscles has to be functional. Ability to run, complete gymnastic movements controlled and to perform my yoga asanas without dropping in flexibility. My current level of energy in my day is to be maintained or increase. So if I start slacking off in daily chores, my website or simply my family life, the goals has not been met – result: FAILURE.

Here are the measurements today:

Weight in kg: 76 BMI: 21.9 Fat%: 10.5 Muslce%: 44.2 (All measurements are done with 

All lengths in cm: Chest: 100, Bicep: 35 (r & l) Forearm: 32, Thighs: 55, Calves: 35 (r) 37(l), Waist: 79, Butt: 96.

So here the body is in numbers and concepts. Body mass index, fat% and muscle% is both measured with a resistance weight, electrical impedance through feet and hands. 

Todays has gone great with the exercises, it is the first day of the week and I have decided to have that day as a heavy, full body workout day. 

List of exercises and my diet will follow-up in the weeks posts to come… ;). Plus a youtube channel will be created. To have the exercises with explanations, showing my progress and coaching talks. 


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One thought on “The startup for growth, progress and muscle gains – 6 month challenge

  1. Hey everyone, Yep, this challenge is still ongoing. So far I have been working out as everyday. The gain in kg. is 1… So that is after 10 weeks, almost half way through. 9kg to go.

    So far my challenge has been a Failure. Now is the time to make it up. Slight change to the program. More calorie tense diet and better self-discipline. Pushing boundaries and passing limits.

    Failure is just an opportunity to find new ways for success!

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