21 days has passed. Each one of them with the intent to make a to-do list in the morning for whatever I’d like to do that day. The usual approach would be to get up, read some lines and passages in “A Course in Miracles – Lesson book” and then sit for a while, simply resting and noticing. Now, with this sense of appreciation and relaxation, I ask what I’d like to do this day or what needs to be done. 

The lists have usually 5 – 7 items on them. E.g. Training, exercise, walk the dog, make a blog post, clean up, meditate, meeting with friends and like clean the garden for weed. Some of the tasks has had a time limit on them while others where open for what ever time is needed. At first it seems that to-do lists works to get stuff done. While with a deeper reflection I see that to-do lists simply helps you to consciously see what gets done. Also what you do which are not in your to-do lists, that can postpone or procrastinate what you actually wanna do. So to-do lists are great way to keep yourself honest with what you would like to do and also to cut of unconscious habits which are un-beneficial for the goals you have.

Now I am half way through the 42-days. I have looked through all my to-do lists and see that there are items which haven’t been done yet. I see this has happens for 2 reasons, one that it was not 100% necessary for me to do it, or that I have been uncertain about it and therefore left it or procrastinated it. How great that I honestly can see, that sometimes I avoid my own happiness and what I’d like to do.

Now that being said, one very important caution about making to-do lists. First of all, NEVER, make them in a hurry or while feeling stressed, depressed, anxious or angry. Always feel into this very moment, present, your own presence and give time to simply be. The tasks on the to-do list will reflect, what you have inside and want to share. Therefore coming from a place of peace and grace, the to-do’s will also shine of peace and grace. Win/Win situation and learning to do it consciously.

Next 21-days of to-do lists will be with more challenging and adventurous tasks. Lets do everything in a way that says:“Holy shit, that is incredible!”

With that I’ll wish you all a good luck with the to-do lists. Making your dreams come true and let your inner peace shine in everything you do.

Undo judgement and let our minds be open.

/Unbreakable Health


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