6th day of 42 days “To-do Lists” – Pros and Cons


So here we are on the 6th day of the to-do list. So far the lists are holding up to 7 – 8 items/tasks to do.Meetings, house chore tasks and exercises are easy to accomplish. While when it comes to more creative and unfamiliar tasks, the to do list is kind of a pain in the ass. It seems like creativity and deadlines simply does not go hand in hand. At least that is my experience so far. Creative tasks includes, making new blogposts, come up with ideas for marketing or e-books to publish. Defining services for the coaching. Okay perhaps the latter one has been postponed somewhat because of a unconscoius fear of failing and committing myself fully.

Well, the pros and cons for to-do lists:

Pros are many, you write down what you’d like, get it on paper and acting while you have great ideas, feelings in the moment. This is the initial step to carry out your ideas and passions. Also writing them down helps to communicate the tasks and ideas with friends and family. It can also work as a reminder throughout the day.

Cons of to-do lists is mostly in tasks for creativity. While you try to plan a day with what you’d like to do, leaves little or limited flexibility to address urgent or spontaneous situations. Also for those unfamiliar with stress thoughts, these can fast take place when some tasks takes longer than anticipated.

It is still fun and we have 36 days left. The challenge continues with the same goal in mind. I would like to see if its possible to receive the ideas and plans for the day already in the morning. To come into a peaceful and relaxed state of mind. Presence and from these grounds let the imagination flow and be able to follow-up on it.

Yep life is fun and challenging.




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