The To-Do list update #1


here is an update on the to-do list challenge. It is the second day and so far my experience with making the to-do list is mixed. In the morning everything seems pretty clear of what I’d like to do this day. The first 4 steps of this days to-do list went great. Also there was buffer time in between, to accomplish small tasks, such as phone calls and having fun with my girlfriend and daughter. In this moment writing this post, the next steps on the to-do list require up to 2 hours undisturbed time. Also preparation for them is necessary, such as eating at least 2 hours before. So currently experiencing a little un-easiness and insecurity of carying it out. Well, I trust that the right time will come up to fulfill my to-do list and so be it. Here is picture of my first 2, to-do lists:  To do list #2

To do list #1That’s all for today folks. Enjoying to do what I’d like to. Keeping up the productivity.

/Unbreakable Health

Ps. Okay the to-do lists are pretty small, so the specific tasks are quite hard to see. I’ll correct that mistake for next ones. It’ll be on my to-do list 😉



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