I wanna tell you about an idea and challenge I came about recently. How would it be, to give yourself some quiet time each morning, simple silence and gratitude of being. Next to ask yourself:”What would I love to do today?” – again give yourself at least 5 minutes to go deeply into the question.

Listen carefully to the answers of your inquiry. Write them down on a piece of paper. Now it is simply to follow through with your to-do list. Make it happen!

As for everything new, a practice is a good structure to learn the skill. So I decided to practice this for 42 days in a row. I use the number “42” while it, according to “A guide to the Galaxy”, it is the answer to the meaning of life. So why not use it as a guidance of practice length. While I already have experienced, that if you do something for 39 days, it will be stored into your subconscious mind. It’s a way to make a new habit.

As part of my lesson some to-do’s will be everyday. For example to make a to-do list or looking within and sensing gratitude. Now for giving my readers a chance to follow with and also to learn with me, I’ll publish the to-do lists on the blog.

My goal is to simply write down what I wanna do, create and to carry it out. Certain, Honest and Faithfully.

Yes, failures is also a part of learning. So actually it isn’t really failures, but merely mistakes to give an opportunity to correct them. First mistake today, was playing poker for more than 1 hour as planned, also during the poker session I notice distractions of Facebook and internet surfing. This will be corrected right away by simply closing the applications during that time.

Does any of the above sound interesting to you, actually to make you own to-do lists and follow-up on them? Well, join me and lets open the possibility to support each other. I am up for it!

There is much to-do so let us get it done!

/Unbreakable Health



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