Training and your inner coach!

Miallo Today is about training and exercise. What I will address in this article is that which motivates us, what drives and inspires us. Yeah and give some pointers to how to make your own internal super coach! The last couple of years I turned my attention inwards. Started to exercise alone, living isolated and this has given me a lot of insights to, what makes a good exercise, how to talk with myself and to keep moving. All inspired from a wise guy saying:”Know Thy Self”. First half-year I had a drill sergeant as my inner coach. Here are a couple of lines heDrillSergeant could say: NO PAIN NO GAIN! “ARE YOU WEAK?, COME ON DO IT!”, “YOU NEED MORE, TO BE STRONGER, LEANER, FASTER, THIS IS TOO SLOW, MOVE”. Yeah, he loved that kind of motivation and at first I bought into it. Worked my ass off, erhm literally. Sure you can get far with this “drill sergeant”. Though somehow I experienced a tiredness a lack of self-confidence and self-worth. It was like I was not good enough right now, but maybe in a couple of years, than I would be okay. So it got me moving and got my ass off the couch. Though it only did that, and I asked myself. There must be a better way than this. So I started to coach my coach ;). Noticed and defined what I really wanted and still want. First of all I noticed that to be driven by “guilt” which is what the drill sergeant does in a way, saying you’re not good now, you must work to become better. Brings a harsh, tough and kind of sensible mentality. While he continued also off the training, while among friends or family: “You gotta do this better and notice that your joke didn’t work! Insane what he could come up with. So as mentioned. I started to coach my coach. First I tried to silence him off, saying you’re wrong I am good enough. I do not want that. The feeling he gave me was mostly anger, which I transformed into just one simple action.”Denial” I do not want to accept these judgements about myself. Also not about anyone else. Anger is now my energy for recognition, that I have misunderstood what I want and can say no thank you. I deserve much more, much better and it feels great just acknowledging that. So I asked myself, how can I change the language, so it will support my goals. I am worthy of love, happiness, peace and joy. I am innocent, holy and all-powerful. Where my top goal is now Peace. Next is happiness and then joy. Just asking for this, everything changed of how I experience life and the world. Now I am the sole responsibility to choose what I value and what is valueless to me. Remember that, this is my values and not anyone elses,Adam and Eve nor can I impose it on anyone, which has been tried and let to conflict. My coach has started to ask into, how are you right now? Given what you feel, what would you like to do? Looking at past situations or similar, the coach is more productive. For example from an argument or fight, he could ask:”First feel into the peace you want-, now from this place-, what would you have like to have said or done in that situation instead? How would you like to have acted and responded with this presence of peace in mind? Ending each session off with: “Accept that you are perfect, innocent and all-powerful. Now remember that you get what you ask for and while you want peace you must teach peace keep it.” This makes a fundamental change on your approach in life. Everyone else notices it also. Like the other day, walking out from training, while thanking the guys who takes care of the facility, for a great exercise. An elder man said, you have learned yourself how to have a great exercise haven’t you? Immediate response and recognition was: “Yes I have! Wauw, a difference in life to actually be able to follow your own peace, joy and bliss! Are you curious on how to change your own experience of life? Then read on and don’t hesitate to ask questions or comment below. So here is the pointers I have gone through in order to transform my pityful, angry and self-defeated life experience. First step: I started to admit I do not know what real love is. I do not know what real happiness is. I do not know what is best for me. Actually I am insane right now and have been listening to the wrong teacher. “The one who says it is the world and everyone else who is wrong and life just sucks, go get a drink or something…” Second step: I do not know what I want, but I can see now this is not it. While referring to my current experience and perspective on life. I would like to understand what love and happiness really is to me? Third step: Take action! Any action is good now. I started studying books on, personal development, yoga, healing, intuition and one book in particular has guided me along way. “A Course In Miracles”. This is the 3-step process that is necessary to accomplish your new goals. What happens when you follow the above steps is:

  1. You open your mind up to new thoughts and perspectives.
  2. You stop trusting that “inner coach, defence/attack system”.
  3. You give up on fighting and take a step back.
  4. You identify what you do not want and can then look towards something new.
  5. Be honest with yourself and also to those around you.
  6. When you reach this point in life, it is a great opportunity to Know Thy Self.

The books which I mentioned where simply those that felt inspiring to me, they stood out from all the others. The last step is simple: PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. Never give up on yourself for anything. You are worthy of love and joy. No compromises either! I tell you now: You have the inner guide that can help you with everything. Just remember he can only give, but for your asking. Though he can never change what you are, which cannot be described only experienced. This is some tools to train your inner coach. Here in short. Ask questions, admit defeat. Open up your mind for new possibilities and trust the answers you get for your peace and joy. Home is where you are. to your, UnbreakableHealth Please comment and give your contribution below or by email.


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