Coaching is such an open term. It is often individually to what coach you meet what coaching is to him or her. What the coach want to share and to receive. What it means to them, in their lives, and why they do it. So why not share with you my idea with coaching, what it means to me and how and why I want to share it with you.

First of all, coaching, is a method I used for myself to be better, healthier and to stay happy. To change my perspective and experience of life. To serve everyone around me, with the hope and belief that love, happiness and peace really is values that brings family, community and lives together.Family and enjoyment

Learning to embrace myself, helps my friends, neighbors and family to embrace their lives. This also brings a more fulfilling relationship between one another. Authenticity and openness to share life. It helps to resolve conflict and to trust each other. Clarity and the ability to follow the grace of your heart in all actions that you do.

I have followed what the society think is the way everything “should be”. Honestly it left me feeling empty, pridefully “better” than others and left with a perception that puts me higher than everyone else. This state of mind is what I now refer to as a “super-ego” perspective. It is a very limited perspective which needs comparison in order to feel good. In my life that meant a constant battle as a bodybuilder, so my “body” looked better than the guy next to me. Rarely satisfied and in a constant search for approval from girls and my family. I reached a point where I didn’t know what I truly wanted in my life, who I am and everything was dark.

From this place, I asked the question what is Love? What am I? Started to coach myself, through a tool of forgiveness. I had judged myself to be less than what I am. I have now turned the table around, accepting myself completely and fully as I am. To see myself as perfect, honest and with the capacity to give and receive love. Fear of inadequacy, unworthiness or the need to do something in order to be respected is merely thoughts passing by. I am life – knowing this – brings an inner smile!

To sum up the post. Coaching for me, is the ability to give a new perspective, a tool to my friends and family, which can help them to recognize, how beautiful they are. To trust themselves and everyone else. To see that exactly this moment and place is perfectly okay. To give peace of mind, a place to rest and more importantly an ability to deny what does not resonate. So they again can live fully inspired, loving and magnificent lives!

I hope this gives you a little idea of what it means to be coached by me. To sit in the same room or to talk over a Skype session. Simply to meet someone who points you to your power, your beauty, your happiness and knows you are worth it. With the experience that happiness comes from the inside. What tools can help to discover it and an openness to walk with you through the obstacles that blocks it from you.

Why? – Simply through the understanding that what I give is what I receive.

Thank you,


ps. Let your inner child fly! 😉

Children are ment to fly


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