Motivational Mondays #12 Relax, Chill, be at ease with peace!

Miallo to your daily motivation,

Are you lacking inspiration, motivation or simply feeling irritated because you really need to do a lot of stuff? Often when we are feeling this anxiety or noticing lack in life. Its because we do not allow ourselves to relax into this moment. To give space for the new things we have started on, the new day, the new thoughts. 

A way to do that is to give yourself this day for relaxation. Ask for your inner peace to be released. Go for a walk, watch a movie, look at the sky, choose what feels just right for you. Let go of judgements of  right or wrong, as they have no place in a relaxation state.

In a fast paced environment, often we forget that relaxation is the key element to get on top of things. It rejuvenates the body, brings clarity to the mind and gives openness to listen to your inner guide.

That is your motivation for today! Set time off, what the heck, invite a spouse or mate to join you for a relaxation date,. Optional is to give and receive a massage. These are just suggestions, always choose what resonates and talks with you!Image

To yours,

– Unbreakable Health and Peace!


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