So today my girlfriend and I have accepted a squat challenge for the month, motivated by a Facebook announcement. What this challenge will bring of results, I do not know. It will practice your ability to set up a goal, or someone elses, and follow it through.

My girlfriend would like to strengthening the muscles that supports the knees. While I’d love to support and take on a challenge just for fun as well.

Here’s the criteria for the challenges:

Linda (my girlfriend) is gonna do the “May Madness!”

May madness

while to have it as a challenge for me, I’ll do the

31 day squat and push up challenge

Are you up for it? Then join us and lets do it. 

With these challenges I advice you to give the body plenty of rest and possible some yoga-asanas or through-roughly stretching, especially in the “rest” days. For example the downward dog, upward dog, reclining Hero-pose, The Bow, The Camel pose and simply lay down and relax for up to 10 minutes.

Also for the 10.000 squats and 2.500 push up challenge. A deep muscular massage in the last weeks of the month will do wonders!

To yours and beyond,

– Unbreakable Health


6 thoughts on “31-day Squat + Push up Challenge

  1. I think I’m going to try this! I’ll go with the ‘May Madness’ except that it’s August and it’s still a Madness!! hehe Thanks for sharing. Good luck to me 😉

  2. Day 22: 150 squats in the morning and 33 push ups, Before bedtime: 3 sets squats of 100 reps and 1 set 35 reps. Push ups went in between the squats like, 20 reps pause then 13 reps pause and a set of squats.
    Breathing techniques are, deep and through the nose with squats. While with push ups, it goes 2 reps breathe in, 2 reps breathe out, 2 reps hold breath and continue to the amount. Also mixing with regular breathing.

    Quite a work out now, just 9 days to go. Yeah!

  3. here on day 9 its 300 squats and 60 push ups today. Already reached that goal. The method is to feel into the exercise, not pushing put keeping a paste like, inhalation one squat, exhalation one squat and so on. 2 squats on each breath. Doing 100 repetition in one set, then 20 push ups. Completing with another 2 sets. Timings are around 20 minutes total.

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