Lets look at the guy who exercises only to gain a goldmedal or recognition from something “outside”. He will lose his happiness in the pursuit because the image he so likes will change and with it his pride.

Now imagine instead the one who loves his exercise and life’s play. Choosing the body for health and for this it can communicate. Being gentle and expressing grace is only a few of the traits, when you exercise in a loving way.

Health, acceptance, gentleness ,consistency, confidence, happiness and knowing why! This way you even help others by choice of a healthy lifestyle. The body is as innocent as the air. It does nothing by itself, but lets everything that comes to it be shared. Carrying out what you want it to. Either for attack, victim or compassionate care.

So I ask you to start choosing happiness and compassionate care. Pride and Love can have an affaire. And that is totally okay for a while. In the end only Love will remain. Pride tries to make your body or actions better by comparison. While Love simply expresses itself, confident and thereby helps everyone.

compassion in action

I want to give motivation to allow yourself full focus in this moment, on that
exact exercise – not the outcome. But to do it as good, graceful, confident as possible which I see is accomplished by simply enjoying and loving the exercise itself. While pride brings another frontier. You have to maintain an image… some sort of future or past picture which you identify with. So suddenly if this day you take less than another day or someone can do more and your pride is to take the most at the gym. You’ll not enjoy until you have gained that … or admit defeat … which was never a defeat at all. Just a thought or past experience…

What do you choose?

– Unbreakable Health


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