Have you noticed some unconscious habits that you would like to transform into healthy habits? Then the key for achieving, is to take one step at a time!

If you are having too many things that you would like to change at the same time, you are subscribing to a failure. What you would like to do, is to take it easy! Write down which healthy habits you would like to achieve and give each one a month to work on! When you have the first one under control then you can start on the next one.

Take the diet for example. You have noticed that you are eating a lot of sugar and gluten products and you have the idea that it is causing stress, fatigue and mood swings. Then what you would like to do is first removing the sugar from your diet. Give yourself one month for making this new habit and to notice the differences in your daily life.  When you feel that you have it under control and mastered it, then you can proceed with the next step. Possibly changing another unconscious habit that you have identified, f.x the gluten.

one step

With this method you are giving your self time to experience the benefits of the new habit that you have chosen.

Have fun and take it easy!
-Yours, Unbreakable Health

Pssssss…….  by focusing on what you want in your life, instead of what you don’t want. Then the motivation you will have, is joy and happiness.


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