Miallo my friends and you who “walk” with me.
We all have the ability to choose happiness and joy in every given moment. Now and today is for that recognition.


Quote from my girlfriend: “Here I am, this is me, there is nowhere else i’d rather be!” – singing her song while sitting on the toilet.  Now that’s enjoying your existence :).


In coaching we have various methods for recognizing the truth of your own being. One of them is called “the back and forth method”. Now just mentioning this name during a coaching session can bring its own complications and misunderstandings… Don’t try this at home 😉


God is the most misunderstood term in history. Mainly because God has no history and therefore not a subject to change!


Considering for 2 months what brush to buy and then paying 30$ for a dishwasher brush. Now that’s taking dishwashing to the next level…


Having a good sense of humor with yourself and those around you, can make this day worthwhile. Now FunnCircular reasoning works becausey Friday and to yours,

– Unbreakable Health


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