A Choice – Discerment and Recognition


In everyday life, a tendency to follow thoughts of victim-hood or littleness, is pre-occupying our minds. The more we listen to it, look for proof of it or unproving it. The more power these thoughts will get. I myself have tried this path of believing I am unworthy. Next I saw myself struggle or fighting against these presumptions and trying the judgements wrong. While a true recognition would be to see the thought itself had no power in the first place and could just as easily be discerned. What a relief!

The choice today is to: “Step into your greatness, not just for you, but for everyone. Allowing yourself your health, let that smile shine and overlook anything or anyone that talks of you being less than beautiful and divine”, Feel your inner peace and joy. Look on your brothers with this sense and they will recognize their own will for joy in your state of presence!

Practicing and choosing our will for health, instead of sickness, does NOT make you better at being healthy,  but it WILL make it permanent!

Make your choice now, yours

– Unbreakable Health


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