Training is usually associated with effort,  pushing yourself,  challenges, the body, the wanting and desire to change.  Carrying this kind of mindset to each session of training can create unwanted tension.  It can even decrease your performance!

What I refer to, is the unconscious tendency to follow ones own judgements on how the whole exercise should be.

I encourage you to let these judgements go and instead letting yourself feel what is.  Is it feeling tight. Let it be. Is it feeling hard to breathe, again accept it.  Instead of following the judgement: “My condition is bad” (because of feeling hard to breathe) and experiencing the desire to get better at that. Then today let yourself feel and simply notice. Being the space where also this sensation, of feeling hard to breathe, can have it’s place.

The keys for an effortless workout is to be open for what is in the moment. Acceptance, noticing, confirmation and validation.

If you are easily distracted visually, you can benefit from exercising blindfolded. This method is best for simple exercises and possibly with a partner. I have used it with jumping rope, kettlebells, burpees and other functional exercises.  It is quite fun.

For your motivation,

– Unbreakable Health


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