Miallo to you on the journey to a healthy lifestyle,

in this post I will share with you, some of the obstacles and more importantly ways to choose a new conscious habit, like living healthy.

Healthy living here at “Unbreakable Health” involves a peaceful, happy and joyful experience. Consciously directing your attention to what works. Give yourself the power to choose and access a graceful experience at any time. This power can be recognized again and again through exercise of the body or in any given moment.

The body as the means for joy is a paradox because usually the grounds for unhappiness is the body. Where you might have accepted someone elses judgement of the body, perhaps even yours in particular, as ugly, non-attractive, fat, thin, thick or even “too” pretty. Some also choose to compare the body to the societies ideals, magazines pictures, models, movies etc. Possible even going as far as to say, that because of his or hers looks, they get attention and everyone wants to talk with them. Well newsflash for you, it has nothing to do with the body. Period.

Happiness and Joy can never be accomplished through the body nor the looks of the body alone. Well, it might work for just a while, but who would ever settle to be happy, lets say, 10 minutes a day. Or 10 days of a year. Actually happiness and joy is accomplished the other way around. Through acceptance and correcting your own relationship to the body. Be it your body, your friends bodies or even strangers. Change the perception of the body as the means to get something and go inside to check with what you can bring with it instead. This way you’ll come to see that the body can do nothing by itself, is not a victim and what really has power is the one who chooses its purpose. So let this purpose be for health and learning, while this function will always lead you to your true place for peace and happiness. The mind and your heart working together. Make this choice over and over and over again. If you sense an urge to mistreat the body or judge someone elses body. Remind yourself that the purpose for the body is simply for learning and health.

The body will merely follow your directions for it, be it left or right. A tool for victimizing yourself or a tool to heal yourself. This is your choice and one you must make.

Okay, so let’s get into the workings of choosing to heal yourself over victimizing yourself. Switching from victim-hood to healing is a process of small steps. Acknowledging at first that you choose how you feel at any given moment. That this step you make right now is either based upon fear or love. Fear will bring your mood down, angry or depressed. A negative state, unworthy of what you desire and hurtful. While love will simply be experienced as peaceful, happy, joyful, abundant, free with an ease of accepting everything, that comes and goes. A good way to get into this state of love is to relax. Forgetting all ideas of should’s should not’s. To breathe in the freshness of this moment. Ask yourself what you want again and have faith that it will be.

We can experience eating to make ends meet, to feel good or avoid some confrontations with emotions or feelings. While we can eat for its simple reason,to bring nutrition to the body to carry out its functions. Yes enjoying food is a part of experiencing love. Appreciation of ideas, concepts and give gratitude to this moment is a powerful tool. Getting rid of things leads to depression and anger. Acceptance leads to expansion! Eat with care and appreciation. By the way, food made with consideration for the whole tastes great and packed with nutrition.

Listening to the body, eating slowly and consciously is ways to take the first step towards healthy living. You’ll learn to trust your own senses again, trust your inner guide, intuition if you will, and thereby correcting your authority in life. You make the choice, not the body nor anyone else. Remember to be very honest with yourself through these practices. It is simply insane to go against your own goals for happiness and joy. Which means whenever you make a choice and it didn’t improve your mood or made you sad. Your choice is not in accordance with what you want and therefore needs correction. Choose again, ask yourself what you really want in this situation in this moment – right now.

Remember it is totally okay to make mistakes!  Handle these with great care, forgiveness and let yourself choose again. Do not let fear catch you, judging you have failed and start its victimization. You are stronger and far greater than that. A mistake or a misstep is simply a way to recognize again your values in life. So forgive, let it go and learn from it. Validate your experience, welcome it and breathe again.

Next is the choice for exercise. Exercising can be a great way to accomplish health, higher levels of energy and bring happiness into life. It can simply be an expression of your willingness for happiness, peace, joy and abundance. You have chosen it and so the body simply follows your choice in that expression. Exercising with focus on health and happiness, it is important to have all attention in this moment. To perform the exercise at your very best, bring openness and willingness to learn new ways or expand your abilities. Feeling the motivation, is it gentle or is it hard. Does the exercise bring more energy or start to drain you. While in the latter one a quick adjustment of goals is all it needs. Instead of fixing a lack in yourself, working hard to manage it which will bring attention to lack and therefore the experience of lack. Accept the mistake and choose again to bring your attention to fun and peace in your exercise. Validate your own experience based in that very moment of exercise or when you think of it. Choose again if it does not work. Do not compare with others in order to feel better or worse, while this will again bring attention to lack in yourself. For not being able to have gratitude of your own way. Another perspective could be to see your brothers as guidance and for the means to share your own joy, in that moment, with them. Learning together is fun and it benefits everyone to learn about health, joy and happiness. It is a great joy to give wisdom to a friend and see how it can bring them joy.

I hope this gives you some insights to the difference between conscious exercise and victimized exercise. How you can identify when you motivate yourself for the wrong reasons and when it feels just great! Effort is good for a new way in our lives, be it exercise, relationships or health. Cause the mind tends to jump back to our old habitual ways. So make an effort to be alert of where your attention goes, feel, does it resonate, be fully present to this moment of experience. Then make your choice for,

– Unbreakable Health


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