For this Easter and its theme / concept of resurrection. Let us bring the message forward and learn to love each other again. Show your gratitude towards someone you like for his/her achievements. Be happy for those in your world that actually do what they love!

Yes, for those including myself, with big ego’s, to actually show and be grateful with other peoples achievements can be a “pain” in the ass. Usually the cause for this pain, is an unconscious habit of beating your own achievements down or comparing your achievements with theirs in order to feel better.

Now bring this unconscious habit, of comparing and degrading/upgrading my own and others achievements, into the light of forgiveness. Admitting it was a mistake. This habit has brought a demotivating state of mind. Instead start practicing to be grateful and happy for others actions and achievements. Encouraging friends on their path and accepting them as they are.

Have in mind, that giving is receiving. So choose your words carefully and by all means be generous! What you see in others you will see in yourself.

This is my motivation for you this Easter and together let us celebrate life for its magnificiance.

Here is a song that motivated me today  to bring grace and a happy face 🙂

-Unbreakable Health


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