Yes, here in the northern hemisphere the spring is showing its beautiful traits. Sunshine bringing a smile on people’s faces, sprouts in the ground starts to show up and then we have carrots. Yep, they are beautifully orange colored with a green tail. Great to eat before a meal and packed with nutrition. Here are a few: Beta-carotene (a pro A-vitamin), B-complex, folic acid, magnesium and iron. Information on carrots from Wikipedia.


Juice them is one way to enjoy this vegetable. It brings a sweet flavored and pretty thick drink. Great on its own. Have it as a start of your day or midday.

The benefits will be a healthy skin, great absorbance of the sun and can even improve your tan. You can have this juice one cup a day with multiple gains. Your nervous system, skin, teeth, eyes, intestines and digestion will benefit greatly. It brings your body into its natural balance again.

Everything in moderation. Overdoses are possible over a pro-longed period of time. Though it has shown no ill-effects of up to 2 liters juice a day for just 14-days or so. Especially breastfeeding moms can improve their milk this way.

Remember to buy organic or locally grown foods without chemicals. We do not need these toxins and there are reasons why the bugs and animals won’t disturb the farmers who uses toxins. It simply aint healthy any longer for them to eat and neither for us.

Carrots can be stored in the refrigerator or at cold spots for weeks. In plastic bag or similar, just make some breathing holes. Sliced and peeled, keep in water with lemon squeezed in. Great for a daily snack!

Supercharge your spring-start with a healthy juice known even by our ancestors ancestors…ancestors 😉

-Unbreakable Health


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