There is a painting hanging up on my wall saying : Do not wait untill tomorrow with what you can do TODAY. Why? Cause I have this thought coming up once in a while, wanting to postpone the things, I am stressed about. Recognize that one? Feeling very excited, going to finally start on my goal but then the day has been tough. I am getting tired and that lame voice comes and says; Naaaah I’ll do it tomorrow. Well I have decided to stop listening to that voice and so should you! Sure there can come times where you simply don’t have the time to do it (or just suck at prioritizing, but that’s another section). I am talking about the times where you would like to postpone actions based on fear, stress or simply laziness! Rather think positive, visualize how happy you are going to be accomplishing your goal.

Don’t wake up after a year, wishing you had started today. Just do it ;).


i did it


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