Miallo to you,

Herbs, teas and their benefits is what the post is about.

Everyday we drink some liquid. Be it water, coffee, tea, smoothies, juice yes even the “sticky” coca cola fluid. While drinking is an action we all share, the reasons why we drink may vary though. Water is simple, it cleans the mouth, and helps the body with every process and maintains a neutral ph-level.  While the other substances mentioned the reason can differ. Some drink to gain a kind of “effect”. Sugar rush, energy boost, ability to stay awake for longer time. I have experienced craving for Coca-Cola to diminish mood issues. Now that is a normal disorder from our symptom treatment society. And it simply does not work. Mood swings continues until you’re ready to go to the root cause of them!

Now for tea. This is a drink that can benefit and supply the internal system with helpful agents. To mention a few herb teas, dandelion or ginger, that are beneficial for the body. Drinking dandelion tea regularly for a week or two can improve your digestion. Help prevent and even “kill” cancer cells. Ginger tea works on areas as joint-pains, torn ligaments and an overall release of toxins.

Finishing off the day with a cup of tea, or just after dinner is a habit I’d like to introduce here at home myself. Good for a restful sleep, improved digestion relaxation and the simple act of making the tea is so peaceful. Sipping to it with a couple of lights,  possible candles and everything is all-right.

Making a cup of tea is also a great tool for working through struggles at home. Experiencing anger or frustation. Invite on a cup of tea and have a talk. With yourself or the one you’re angry at. It’s refreshing and delightful. Un-ease calls for a cup of tea. For brands I can recommend “Yogi Tea”. They give some information with each tea, its content and usually made organic. All different kinds of blends.

There are many other herbs and teas which benefits the body. Check out for yourself, talk with your local tea-shop, search the web or write your questions below in the comment and I’ll get right on it.

My late night tea right now is: “Yogi Tea – Lotus”. This tea is a combination of herbs, citrus and mint. Giving a full-bodied taste both good as a refresher or before bed. While each “Yogi Tea” comes with a little note on each letter, tonight is says:

Deal in kindness with everything in life

Enjoy – I will 😀Lotus tea

-Unbreakable Health


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