Yes you are right!

It is a “Motivational Monday” erhm, on a Tuesday… Have you ever experienced the goals you set up for yourself to be postponed or somehow neglected?

Well, after a weekend of friend reunion and kettlebell workshops, this happend for me. So instead of feeling down of missing a “Motivational Monday”. I asked myself:  “Why not give my services to you as soon I see it possible!”

So here we go:

Choose today to let your inner affirmations flow your way. Simply ask for miracles and blessings, cause we notice and get what we ask for. Also whenever you notice grievances come to mind, perhaps blaming him,her or even yourself for the things you experience, that you do not like. Then choose again, admit it as a mistake to let this thought play and ask for the miracles to replace these grievances right away. Grievances simply do not serve you in any way.

You have the power, now play the game as the winner.

Our self-esteem is important to maintain pure and kind. Both to ourselves and to everyone else. Sometimes affirmations like these can guide you along the way.

“I am entitled miracles” – “Let miracles replace these grievances”

Then open your mind again and see how you can be kind to your fellow men.

Here is a video with Bruce Lee, it is a mix of his thoughts, sayings and philosphy. Enjoy!

Ps. Miracles are simply expressions of love.


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