Starting your day with a fresh mind and a clean slate. Give the body what helps it to rejuvenate.

After a night’s rest. Your mind has gone to a state of stillness.  While the body and its functions has rested and rejuvenated.

To help the body flushing the waste products, it is super to start the day with a glass of water.

Also in between meals is a good time to hydrate and drink water. Actually when given attention to it, while drinking, you’ll feel how light water just runs down the throat, into the stomach and through the intestines.

Water with foods is not adviceable, at least not more than a couple of sips. Water runs through the body and clean out, also to give valuable nutrition and to maintain the many processes in the body. So drinking water with food will make it run faster through, give instead your system time to digest. Like after a long class, it takes some time to really integrate, what the lesson is about. Same thing with digestion.

Trust your intuitive sense of when to drink or check the smell of your pee.

Water, simple and beautiful.

“Be water” and let it inspire your day.



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