Have you ever wonder why we call McDonald’s and Kentucky fast food? I have many times had to wait in line for 15-20 min (even more than that) to get served at those places, wouldn’t call that fast. Grabbing a banana or an apple, that is fast. I can even make a delicious healthy sandwich within 5 minutes.  Now that is fast food. I guess the reason why they call McDonald’s a fast food is to appeal others into buying that crap. In the society today people tend to over plan their schedule. Wanting to finish and do as much as they can each day, so grabbing a fast food sounds easy. Well it isn’t. The body also needs to work on that crap to break it down, and that aint easy. So we need to ask ourselves what is important for us. We only get one body to use, so why not keep it efficient? Give yourself a time to make food that is benefitting for you, your body and spirit!

If you need an inspiration for healthy fast food, then all you need to do is ask!


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