I look outside, the weather is windy, cold and just about zero in temperature and sunshine. But what about my exercise. I love to do them, but somehow something brings instead all the troubles and ignorance. Thoughts are like these: “It’s cold, it is Exercising outsideokay you can take this day free”, “maybe instead having some ice cream and see a film?”. While I notice these thoughts my throat starts to tighten and suddenly uncertain of what is real or not… Now wait, hold on.

Let us go – real slow. These thoughts must origin from a fear based upon assumed feelings on how it should be. For example with the weather and the cold it is just a thought, while going outside I know I’ll face it all ready and clear. I turn into my inner sunshine seeing I am not a victim of life so let’s do it and go outside to exercise.

I love to exercise and it brings a big smile. So big that everyone around smiles with. Now that is a real gift to bring.

So are you wasting your time on thoughts that says:”Do not go exercise, stay home a little while”. Then here is your reminder: Thoughts have no power! You choose today what you want to lead the way.
Fear or Love?

Hey by the way, loving yourself is the first step in being great

Let us go and work out – just do it – cause you and I are awesome – Yeah, that’s right!

Live today, tomorrow it might be too late

“Unbreakable Health”


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